The new international Criminal Court in Den Haag (ICC Permanent premises, The Hague) is finally open.  I have been lucky to be able to photograph this incredible new building by Schmidt Hammer Lassen in the last few weeks. I took my A7Rii and my Tilt Shift lenses down to the Hague, a 1 hour journey from home in Amsterdam, to spend a couple of days photographing the new building. Its amazing how this new camera can capture the finest details and have such soft transitions in light across sharp changes in light conditions.  

The facade of the building looks uniform but on closer inspection the glazed and opaque panels are inserted at angles and so reflect the light in a very interesting way and make it much more dynamic . The hues of the sunlight reflecting from the building are stunning, in particular in the warmth of morning or late afternoon.  The A7rii captures is with such ease. 

Such well thought out and crafted buildings certainly make architectural photography easy and as it goes it doesnt get much better than this. These kind of projects really excite me. I may have moved on from my career as an architect but good architecture is still in my heart. If I can tell the story of a project with some beautiful images then my path is complete.