architecture, art, and portrait Photography

in London, Amsterdam and around the world .

by Mark Hadden

In addition to producing simple, beautifully crafted, and modern images, I draw from the enjoyment of world travel to provide the viewer with a sense of place that might otherwise go un-noticed.

I have a background as an architect, working for award winning collaborative practices in London. I listen closely to client briefs, research projects in depth, and assimilate the information to form the basis for any shoot I undertake.  I like to build relationships with clients to find out what they need. I love to hear the stories clients tell about their projects, as it gives me an insight into who they are and how that informs their work.  I like to think that this comes across in the photography, whether it be architectural models, built works or portraits.. 

With his architectural background, Mark is alert to detail, forms and events. His work captures the built environment as both object and backdrop to daily life, and spins narratives that help us make sense of what is around us. This aspect elevates his work to a very high level.
— Sarah Wigglesworth - Architect